Prices for Posting a Higher Education Job

Academic Keys offers several different methods of posting your higher education jobs. Browse the selections below and make the choice that best fits your advertising needs!

Post one job announcement
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$55    K-12 Job Posting
Post one ad for an open position for 4 months.

Other services by Academic Keys
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Contact us for pricing!    Custom Web Page with Institution Profile
Showcase your institution and highlight your priority jobs with a custom web page designed to showcase and educate candidates about your institution.
One-time Charge $350 each
Yearly Maintenance $250 each
Unlimited Package* FREE Setup & Maintenance
* Unlimited contract needed to maintain free setup and maintenance.

$395 one-time setup fee    AutoKey - Automated Job Posting
Designed to simplify and save staff time. Academic Keys will automatically pull jobs from your university/department website or HR staffing software, and post them on the website. This is a one-time setup fee.


How to Post a Job

To post with us, we recommend using a full computer with a keyboard rather than a touch phone or tablet.

Go here to our regular desktop site and click "POST A JOB" to get started.

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